Encryption for developers.

Evervault makes it easy to process encrypted data.

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How Evervault works.

Encrypt data with our SDKs, and deploy your serverless functions to Evervault to process it. We handle the encryption schemes, key management, and automatic scaling.



Encrypt data at the field-level as it enters your app client-side or server-side. You’ll never touch the plaintext data, so you’ll never lose it.

// Import Evervault’s SDK
const Evervault = require('@evervault/sdk');
const evervault = new Evervault('Mzc0:3m1ZXztacJr6s8gM9RBjC0a5gTBXeceP4ARxUd6ewnfmUiaDJrIP7rpcucE4zwYJZ');

// Encrypt sensitive data
// Store the result in your database as normal
const encrypted = await evervault.encrypt({
  name: 'Elon Musk',
  accountNumber: 'ABC-1234'

// Process sensitive data in a Cage
const result = await evervault.run('hello-world', encrypted);



Store the encrypted data in your database as normal. There’s no need to change your stack or data structure.



Process that encrypted data by deploying your code to a Cage a serverless function for processing encrypted data.

Encrypt everything.

Dance like no one is watching. Encrypt like everyone is. Start with the data you never want to lose.


Encrypt user data

Encrypt sensitive data including PII (like SSNs), financial data (like cardholder information), and health data. Run any function on it using a Cage.


Secure your secrets

Secure user credentials, API keys, and access tokens so that you don’t have to handle them in plaintext again.


Interact with APIs

Evervault makes it easy to communicate with any third-party API, and to encrypt requests and responses using a Cage.

Built for builders.

Encryption is the most important tool you have to protect your users, and to make sure no one else has access to your data.

Powerful cryptography
Trust mathematics.

We provide powerful, robust field-level encryption. You never have to manage keys, and we can’t decrypt your data.

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Cage your data.

Cages have ultra-low latency, and are isolated from your stack. We guarantee 100% uptime and ensure infinite, automatic scaling.

Automatic scaling
Super speedy on-ramp.

We have SDKs in as many languages as possible — starting with JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. Get started instantly.

All the compliance.

We’re becoming PCI-DSS Level 1 and SOC 2 Type II compliant. Using Evervault significantly reduces your compliance burden.

Continues deployment
Continuous deployment.

Cages are updated automatically via our GitHub integration and continuous deployment.

Expert support
We’re developers too.

We’re available 24/7 (via email, Slack, and video) to provide support and hear your feedback.

Pricing like it should be.

No setup fees, monthly fees, or hidden costs. You only get charged when you get value from your data not when you encrypt it.


per Cage run


per 100K Cage runs

Backed by the best.

We’re backed by the investors who helped build Apple, Google, and Stripe.

Kleiner Perkins
Index Ventures

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